Virtual Garage Sale

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Opening my Amazon Marketplace store has got to be one of my best decisions so far this year, one of the first few steps to help me clean up my room in anticipation for more Dollfie Dream daughters down the road… and the DVDs are flying off the shelf like pancakes! With the sales going strong, I am leaning toward setting up a “Virtual Garage Sale” in my blog to help me sell my old JAV collection, magazines, import eroge games, figures and then some! Since I can only list what’s already available on Amazon in the marketplace, I will have to list the rest of the items in my own blog, and of course at a deep discount price! The idea behind this whole thing is that some of my collections may not be worth anything to me at this point but it could very well become another person’s treasure!  You know, like a virtual garage sale only without the garage LOL.  I am still in the midst of deciding what I am trying to sell so keep a close eyes on this page for further details!