About me

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I’m an Otaku that has recently taken up the interest of writing my own blog site after interacting with the community at Dannychoo.com. I was born in Hong Kong (Yes, I can read and write Chinese) but my family immigrate to the U.S. during the early 90s.  I grew up watching Kaman Rider V3, Daitetsujin 17 and Spaceship Yamato. My main interest is to collect figures, gunpla, search for and collect anime and superheros back in the 80s (super classic fan), but I do try to keep in touch with current trend.

I go to work as a Mechanical Engineer in the electronic/telecommunication industry during the day and I moonlight as an Anime/Eroge Game/Figure collecting Otaku during the night :P   Why yes, being Otaku  for me is like having a second life different from my day time experience.  I also participate in MMORPG like Final Fantasy XI.

Having almost been implementing my Otaku life style exclusively on my own, I was taken by surprise by the friendliness in Dannychoo.com.  After careful consideration, I decided to take up blogging to better represent myself in DC community.

My main goal for this blog represent my first attempt to blend my engineering experience with my otaku life style.  Within the process, I hope, would be useful not just to me, but to a larger community.

Email: Wolfheinrich@hotmail.com