Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka ver. 2 UBW and Shijou Takane iM@S

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It is that time of the year again, with exactly one month to go before Dolpa 34, Volks has finally announced the new Dollfie Dream scheduled to release in the Tokyo event!  As early as July this year, we have already received news that Volks has been preparing Shijou Takane from iDOLM@STER to join the ever growing list of character from the series!


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In addition to Takane, after 6 years since the initial release, Rin Tohsaka from the ever popular Fate/Stay Night series will be making her second appearance in Dollfie Dream form!  Based on the information available to-date, Rin Tohsaka ver. 2 will be based on her anime appearance in Unlimited Blade Works, new faceup, new animetic eyes, her pendant and dagger will be part of the default package!


Personally I prefer this new and younger flesher faceup more than the original :D

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