New Home and New Beginning

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I have been fighting off a cold on/off since the beginning of the year, and while I have somehow managed to keep it in check but it’s just not a great feeling being sick… Anyhow, taking the advantage of staying home today, I feel that I might as well write a blog post of my most recent activities.

Those of you who has been following my Facebook is probably aware of the fact that since the beginning of September 2014, I have officially become a homeowner and have moved in with my platoon worth of Dollfie Dream waifus to a new undisclosed location :D

new home view

And through out the past couple of months, I have been busy moving and decorating my new heaven, which played a fairly significant factor in the lack of update of this site.

So obviously a lot of these happened.

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And believe it or not, those Amiami shipping boxes were very handy during the move!



And the making of the Wall of Le sigh (joke)


And 4k happened!

I had actually intended to write more but the cold meds is acting up and I think I should get some rest before continuing next time….




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