Dollfie Dream Snow Miku Pre-Order Project

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It’s been a while since I have a chance to report any breaking news but just moments ago, after the conclusion of the Dollfie Dream X Macross Frontier project; Volks has announced their next Dollfie Dream pre-order project is going to be Snow Miku!

Edit: Based on what little that’s been made public, Volks USA is also set to participate in the project


There is an advance pre-order event happening at the Snow Miku 2015 and for us normal folks outside of Japan, the actual pre-order date is set to begin on Feburary 14th, a normal day for us otakus (sp.?)

On a completely unrelated note, I have just got around to do my first shoot on my first Miku, so there is definitely Miku in the air today; coincident? Perhaps, but my Rider sense is tingling again :D

DD 初音 Hatsune Miku 參上

But the main attraction today is Snow Miku after all, so here are the preview shots from Volks website~

miku_dd_mikuSnw_pic06 miku_dd_mikuSnw_pic01 miku_dd_mikuSnw_pic02 miku_dd_mikuSnw_pic03 miku_dd_mikuSnw_pic04 miku_dd_mikuSnw_pic05

Edit: In my own personal opinion, I prefer Snow Miku to regular Miku so this is a well played move for me.  Miku Sisterly love?  You can bet that’s coming!


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