God Eater 2 x Dollfie Dream

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With literally a month away from the upcoming Home Town Dolpa Osaka 8, I generally don’t expect Volks to update their site so early but I was proven wrong again.  Volks is more than eager to show off their latest master piece Dollfie Dream Alisa Illinichina Amiella from God Eater 2, a video game developed by Shift and published by Namco Bandai Games on November 14, 2013 in Japan.



While I am not familiar with the game, but based on what I am seeing, the sculptor 北原康介 Kosuke Kitahara(造形村), past work include Kanu, Natsuki, Moe, Asuka, Rei, Feena, Erika, Estel and KOS-MOS did a pretty good job on her face.

原型制作 北原康介(造形村)
ドレス製作 ボークス・ドール企画室
ウィッグ 「アリサ」新型オリジナルスタイル、DDサイズ仕様
ヘッド 「アリサ」オリジナルヘッド採用
ボディ DDベースボディIII・ノーマル肌、L胸(フラットVer.)、一体型ボディパーツ採用
セット内容 ドール本体、ウィッグ、帽子、タイ、タイ留め、アームカバ―、ハンドカバ―、トップス、スカート、ソックス、ショーツ、ブーツ、大剣、腕輪
価格 ¥74,000(税別)

Along with her own unique animetic eyes, newly constructed DD style wig and sword, Alisa will also come will normal skin L bust unibody.  Without a doubt, Alisa will be a great conversational piece, while I am not 100% sure I want to bring her home yet but I will certainly try to secure her through the lottery!

dd_alisa_pic01 dd_alisa_pic02 dd_alisa_pic03 dd_alisa_pic04 dd_alisa_pic05 dd_alisa_pic06



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