Volks Dollfie’s Web-Exclusive Offer Event

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This is perhaps one of the biggest news I have ever heard since I have gotten into this Dollfie Dream hobby, up until recently, most limited Dollfie Dream were only available at their respective Doll Party event and the After Event sale.  And if you somehow missed the opportunity, there was little chance for anyone to be able to acquire the limited release Dollfie Dream at the retail price, though Volks has been serious shaking things up recently by releasing Saber Alter II, plus other web exclusive ordering event.  This time, Volks is most decidedly trying to squeeze every penny out of our pockets!  Incoming the Volks Dollfie’s Web-Exclusive Offer Event!!!  Not just one, but Volks is prepared to offer limited Dollfie Dream and Super Dollfie from the past 4 events!  Up to 20+ previously released limited dolls will be offered up for lottery for this web exclusive event for oversea customers!


Super popular characters such as Miki Hoshii, Melty, Asuna, Ryoma Sakamoto and Ryo Narasaki are among the line up!

dd lottery

For detailed information, please visit Volk’s website exclusive event page

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