Final Fantasy XIV ARR and Dollfie Dream Kurisu Makise Cosplay

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Wow, it’s been a long time since I had done any update!  Those of you who follow my facebook is probably aware that I have been playing the renewed MMO Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn and it’s been keeping me busy for the past 2 months or so!  I have indicated in the past that I was a veteran Final Fantasy XI player in the Gilgamesh sever, upon checking I found out that the old Gilgamesh sever is no longer live and it’s been merged with another sever since 2011.  I have had many fond memories of playing Final Fantasy XI and while I have taken a long break away from it for the past 7 years or so, I am finally ready to play again!

I have blogged about Final Fantasy XIV at launch but that incarnation of the game was a disaster, the core idea was interesting but in reality the game burdened players with a lot of work with little to show for and it’s no longer acceptable to this generation of online gamers.  I decided to cancel my subscription after about a month into the launch and focused my effort in blogging about Dollfie Dream.  Fast forward 2.5 years, many buzz had been generated with the new version of the game, coupled with a handful of Dollfie Dream comrades wanting to get into the game or have stuck with it the entire time, and a change in job that gives me a little bit more freedom, so I finally decided to give the game a chance again.   The changes they have made to the game has been very positive and it has kept me entertained for 2nd month in a row now!  My first job to reach level 50 is Gladiator/Paladin and here is my profile.  I am in the NA legacy server Excalibur, so if any of you happen to be there, please feel free to send me a friend invite.

ffxiv profile

I am no longer the hardcore MMO gamer I used to be, so pardon me for the basic gear and what not.  There are still a lot to do in game and I would like to make steady progress toward my relic weapon and perhaps finishing a few more craft and wait for the next major patch!

On the other hand, while my main focus has been playing FFXIV ARR, I didn’t forget to dress up my Dollfie Dream girls!  Many thanks to comrade TonyBSD to help me acquire this joshu costume!  The entire process took nearly 6 months but the end result is totally worth it!

Dollfie Dream Kurisu Makise Cosplay DSC03230_770



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