Dollfie Dream Miku Hatsune Coming To Volks USA

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Late last month, Volks finally introduced the their 7th Dollfie Dream Collaboration project with Crypton Future Media to bring us one of the most popular virtual idol Miku Hatsune in the form of Dollfie Dream!  I know for a fact that a lot of people have been waiting for this to happen and in preparation for that, Volks USA has put together a very detail explanation of the preorder project announcement for those of you who are new to the hobby a piece of mind.  I strongly encourage those of you who are new to the hobby to go read up on their page as it will help answer a lot of questions.  You can also read up on my Where to Buy Dollfie Dream Guide for those of you who are more interested in limited Dollfie Dream with characters from popular series such as Fate/Stay night, To Heart 2, Shining Blade, Shining Hearts, Sword Art Online and etc.

Where to buy Dollfie Dream – A Beginner’s Guide

Volks USA – Miku Hatsune Dollfie Dream Preorder Project

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Like most preorder projects, some minor details are subject to change over the course of the year, once they are confirm, I will make sure to report on the news.

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