Otaku Project: Damaged Figure Claim and Recovery

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I have been a figure collector for well over 15 years by now, countless boxes of EMS shipments have arrived in my doorstep and not once did I have to bother to file a damage report.  But like the saying goes, there is a first of everything and it finally happened to Shining Blade Misty by Alter.  Since the figure was purchased from Amiami and it was shipped by EMS so I am insured against damages.  While the extend of the damage was not catastrophic, Misty’s right arm was broken as shown here and it’s easily fixable by my own but since I am paying a lot of money to have it shipped by EMS, the whole shipment along with Fate Testarossa’s Swimsuit Movie version was to 6000 yen, I figured I am at least entitled to damage compensation!

DSC03009 DSC03011

There is a probability that the damage could have been a result of manufacturing defect, but Amiami insisted the damage occurred during transit from Japan to USA based on these images I sent them.  As a result, I had to box the figure up and took it to the local post office for inspection…. I wasn’t exactly wild about doing it but I guess if I were to claim damage from the insurance, I had better do it….


After spending a good amount of time explaining to the post office what I really need from them, I finally managed to get what I needed for Amiami to start the damage claim process.  For those of you who are not familiar with it, it is the Form 3831, Receipt For Article Damaged in Mails.  In the mean time, the post office had to hold the package in their facility to allow further inspection and depending on the situation, package might have to get sent back to Japan!  After nearly 2 months of waiting, the damage claim has finally gone through and I was able to receive the damage compensation in Amiami points!


Since the damaged figure can’t be sold again, it was released back to me XD  And given my experience in pinning figures, Misty will be repaired in no time XDDDDD


And here we go XD Misty is now fully repaired XDDD



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