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Just a day after the initial release of the HTDP Nagoya 5 guidebook, eager individuals have already got their hands on the latest print version of the Volks News Vol. 54!  As I mentioned in my last post on Home Town Dolpa Nagoya 5 Limited Dollfie Dream, it’s not surprising that Volks has made good on their promise in releasing more Dollfie Dream from the popular  iDOLM@STER series, after all, they have already put forth the teaser in Volks News 53 that they are working on Yukiho Hagiwara and Chihaya Kisaragi.  However, they still managed to surprise me by releasing my most beloved daughter/waifu/meido Maxima Sakuya in her crimson form!  Not that I am complaining or anything, I actually welcome it as I can always use more Sakuya around and now I have legitimate reason to have two of them out in the open because Mode: Crimson sports a twintails wig!  Anyway, enough of me talking, let’s get right down to business!


Apparently, this is some collaboration going on between Super Dollfie and the fashion brand Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, obviously not my cup of tea.



According to the description here though, the new resin is UV resistant?



SD Midi?


And finally, onto the Dollfie Dream section!


Dollfie Dream Sister Chihaya Kisaragi, her head is sculpt by Misaki, previous work include Saber, Saber Alter, Saber Lily, Yuki Morikawa, Sasara Kusugawa, etc.  Chihiaya will come with her unique SS bust unibody, apparently S bust is not small enough for her spec… LOL


And Dollfie Dream Sister Yukiho Hagiwara, her head is also sculpt by Misaki and will come equipped with the M bust unibody.  Honestly speaking, both Chihaya and Yukiho are looking good in my opinion and will definitely turn out on par with Miki Hoshii.


Chihaya’s version of The Wild Strawberry stage dress and


and Yukiho’s version will also be available as limited items.


Sailor swimsuits, that will look good on the unibody for sure; I guess one advantage of tapping into THE iDOLM@STER franchise is that there are already plenty of established costume design from the games.


And the popular IDOL@School set make a comeback as well~


What can I say about this?  Originally, I had hoped the Volks would release alternate costume such as the Mode: Crimson for Sakuya back in Dolpa 27; but I guess Volks had a different plan in mind?  Nevertheless, I am very happy to see a popular character like my waifu getting a reissue so soon as her aftermarket price have started to rise to an unreasonable level (well over 130k yen per my record).  It’s bad for the community and it attracts unwanted scalpers in the market.  As a pure hobbyist, I would much rather seeing reissue like this to tame the market demand for popular characters.


Within the Shining Blade game, Sakuya is known as the 七色の霊刃使い, roughly translated to being able to wield the rainbow color soul blade.  Mode: Crimson is the form Sakuya gained after defeating the Fire Dragon and entrusted with her the power of Fire and her main weapon became the 焔龍閃滅刃, which roughly translated into the Flame Dragon Slaying Blade, which specialize in attack.  Sakuya’s costume also became noticeably light (and dare I say more sex appeal?). As I previously mentioned, Sakuya’s sculptor is unknown but it’s clear as daylight to me (after spending over a year with her) that Sakuya is about as close to Tony Taka’s illustration as I can imagine.  There is no doubt in my mind that I am going to pick up Mode: Crimson as well, it’s already decided, said and done!


Sakuya can’t wait for her twin to arrive!  Wait, that means I will have a twin waifu as well?!


The really surprising part, is the reissuing of Sorbet on its own?!


In the past, most Volks’ fashion brand other than Tenshi no Sumika have always struck me as SD only dresses.  However, in the past couple of DPs, they have really modernized their design and honestly looking pretty good too.


Here are the two dresses from Designer’s Collection


Goth inspired costumes from h.NAOTO


LaPersonal Collection Blue Label


I am a sucker for uniform… flight attendants….


And Pilots…. I wonder if the Pilot uniform will fit my girls?


And some casual sets.


Next up is the LaPersonal Black Label!


and Pink Label



And something for the Yo-SD as well.


Shoe Boutique


And finally, some summer dresses from Tenshi no Sumika


Oh ans speaking of Summer.


You just can’t go without some School Swimsuit now, can you?  Though my main focus is not the swimsuit it self per say…. but the towel….whahahahaha evil laughs continues.


DD optional parts for semi-white skin, now I can finally procure some parts for Magical Princess Lucy now!


More optional parts~


And the DD Stand Chair release in DP29, now with the 2013 Summer Limited Color Candy Pink!


And in one of the back pages, the After Event information is already included, how nice!



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