Home Town Dolpa Nagoya 5 Limited Dollfie Dream

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We are finally a little bit more than a month away from Home Town Dolpa Nagoya 5, initially I was expected scans of the guidebook tomorrow but DD-Blog decided that they will jump the gun and release the information themselves!  Wow, that was unexpected!  Anyway, based on the information I have now, there will be at least 2 Dollfie Dream from the Idolm@ster series, Yukiho Hagiwara and Chihaya Kisaragi who were already hinted in Volks News Vol. 53.  On top of two Idolm@ster, my dearest Dollfie Dream waifu Maxima Sakuya マキシマ・サクヤ appears to be ready to make a comeback already, in her Crimson form!

Edit: Volks News Vol. 54 Scans from @iinchou_sps


Yukiho Hagiwara


Chihaya Kisaragi




and my most beloved Sakuya in twintails no less!



Must get @.@;;;

I will update as soon as more information become available.


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