Volks Dolpa 29 After Event

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The past week that I spent in Japan flew by quickly and I am now back in the states, there are a lot of things I wanted to talk about regarding my first hand experience in DP29, but for now, let’s focus on the DP29 After Event!  Even prior to my trip to Japan, DD Blog has already indicated that there will be an inventory availability problem for DD Asuna and there were not sure if they will have Asuna on hands during the After Event, but there wasn’t any suggestion that she won’t be available for the After Event lottery (although, there wasn’t a licensing issue at Volks USA at that time either).  In any event, Volks has taken their usual steps to update their site with the After Event information.


Notice how the After Event Limited Item lottery actually overlap the sale of normal items, very strange indeed.  I am not sure why they are doing it this way though… not a clue.


But based on the information available right now, Volks will begin accepting limited item lottery starting from 12:00 on May 18th to 10:00 on May 20th, Japan Time.

There are a handful of normal items that caught my attention this time, namely the Cheerleader set and the Baseball player sets.



Please note that the Stand Chair is not a complete item on its own, the unit must be combined with the Volks stand to function properly, what you are getting out of the box is just the plastic chair portion.

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