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Hello there comrades, as those of you who are connected to me via social media sites such as twitter and facebook, or you have been visiting this site recently; then the chances is that you know I am currently in Japan to participate in DP29.  I don’t have a lot of time to write as I have a fairly busy schedule but I wanted to at least point out a few things here that will help those of you who are looking to acquire DD Asuna.  While a few weeks ago, Volks USA were going to offer Asuna in the USA lottery but they had to yank her out of the selection due to last minute licensing issue (very sad about this).  There is very little details as to what will happen in the AE lottery yet but I wanted to get those of you who doesn’t want to take the risk a head start.

About a month or two ago, I started my own Dollfie Dream Auction Tracking Page, some of you might have noticed that at the top of my menu bar.  I have been doing that to keep track of Dollfie Dream auctions for years and now I would like offer the same benefit to all of you.  Wouldn’t it be nice to only bookmark only one place and to have access to the latest auction trend for most popular Dollfie Dream?

auction tracking


I try to keep track of most popular Dollfie Dream trend for my own purpose and it’s about time I share this with everyone else.

And the latest addition to my tracking page is none other than DD Asuna from the popular Sword Art Online~

Dollfie Dream Asuna


And you will be able to find this section in my Dollfie Dream Auction Tracking Page.  Good Luck everyone.


asuna auction feed


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