Preparation for Japan Trip 2013

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It’s been quite a few year since I have been in this Dollfie Dream hobby and I have been going back to Hong Kong to attend Dollism for the past two years.  While it was fun going back to Hong Kong and all, meeting up with local comrades, and to aimlessly wander around the streets of Kowloon; however, after the trip from last year, I just felt I needed to step it up and go for the real thing in Japan!

Back in October of last year, Volks preemptively announced that they were working on the heroine of the popular light novel and anime adaptation Sword Art Online, Asuna, with a projected release date of 2013!  I had a good feeling in my mind that they actually meant spring of 2013!  Armed with the information I have on hand, I started to plan my trip to Japan right on eve of HTDP Osaka 7.  And when the initial leak of Asuna being one of the two limited dollfie dream for DP29, I couldn’t be happier!

I have never been a traveling person by nature (I don’t travel for the sake of traveling), but my desire to go to one of these official Dolls party, coupled with Asuna becoming one of my must have DD has given me enough reason to go for this trip!

Those of you who are interested to see more of what’s in the guidebook, feel free to check out my flickr stream

DP29 GuidebookDP29 GuidebookDP29 GuidebookDP29 GuidebookDP29 GuidebookDP29 GuidebookDP29 GuidebookDP29 GuidebookDP29 Guidebook

And since I have visited Japan in 2009, with the primary reason to see the 1:1 scale Gundam at Odaiba; and after spending about a year or so in Shizuoka, it’s good to know that it has taken a permanent spot in Gundam Front Tokyo!  This is the shot I took when I was in Tokyo last time, and since I didn’t have a tripod on hand at that time, this is the best shot I could manage.  Since I will be traveling with Sakuya this time, I have got to prepare for two tripods in case of any night scene…. so after some serious consideration, I have decided to go for one of those self supporting monopod by Manfrotto!

It looks like a regular monopod but when you twist open the bottom cap, these three legs will flip out thus creating a temporary self supporting monopod.  Make no mistake about it, this is not going to replace a traditional tripod; but it should definitely help me get a steady night scene shot with my other tripod taken by the tripod supporting Dollfie Dream stand

Gundam Front Tokyo is one of those places I have got to visit during this trip!

Obviously, the Gundam Cafe opened in 2010 will also be one of those places I have got to visit!

My timing to this Japan trip couldn’t be any better as I would be primed to catch the Stein;Gate movie as well!

In additional to visiting Akihabara, Diver City Gundam Front and DP29, I will also be doing some sightseeing around Tokyo for the first time!  Here is hoping my trip will be a successful one!

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