Dolpa 29 Volks USA Limited Dollfie Dream Announcement

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Once again, we are within the two weeks window of Dolpa 29 and it’s usually this time that Volks USA to update their website and hold their own announcement for the limited items.  And Volks USA most certainly do not disappoint this time!  Both Sword Art Online Dollfie Dream Asuna and Mahōtsukai no Yoru 魔法使いの夜 Dollfie Dream Sister Alice Kuonji 久遠寺有珠 will be available for USA lottery!

Due to last minute licensing dispute, DD Asuna was removed from Volks USA site.

As usual, those of you who are new to this hobby may find it helpful to read up on my Where to buy a Dollfie Dream Guide.

Initially, I was a little concerned over whether Asuna will be available to Volks USA lottery due to licensing concern, but this Volks USA announcement has wipe that off the table…. though Asuna will be quite a bit more expensive due the exchange rate used by Volks USA, given the current exchange rate of 1 USD to almost 100 Yen.

Lottery entries will be accepted from Sunday, April 28th @11:00AM PST to Wednesday, May 1st @11:00AM PST.

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