Otaku Project: Saving Suku-Mizu Mecha Nurse Girl Nana

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A couple weeks ago, I was rearranging some of my PVC figures so that I can put the newly arrived Freeing’s Fate T. Harlaown Bunny ver. in the display shelf; but as luck would have it any other way, I accidentally knocked Mecha Nurse Girl Nana over and ended up breaking one of her wing >.<;;;

While it’s true that my focus hasn’t been on PVC figures for some time, but Mecha Nurse Girl Nana is definitely one of those figures I wish to keep, buying a new one is out of the question as she has been long sold out …  and seeing the broken area is a moving joint, my only viable option is to pin it back together with a slight interference fit so the resulting wing will retain its ability to swing.  Personally, I have never been real big about DIY, it’s my strong believe that everyone has their true area of expertise and I should just focus on doing what I am good at and leave the rest to other who excel in their respective fields.  Then there is situation like this where it’s not exactly convenient to have someone else fix this up for me…. and considering it’s been a while since I have done a Otaku Project post, this would be a perfect opportunity!

Since the area I am trying to fix is very tiny and it’s a moveable joint, it would be inappropriate to use a thick pin (as it would be very noticeable too) so I figure may be I will just use paperclips?  A random measurement of a small paperclip suggests that the diameter of the pin is .0325.  And since I want the resulting pin to be able to create an adequate interference fit so it will hold itself up without using any kind of glue, I have decided to use a .032 diameter drill.  However, a 1/32 drill is very tiny and rare, I ended up having to order it from Amazon.

After a week or so of waiting, the drill bit set has finally arrived!  So I got my pin vise and paperclips ready!

Now to drill a hole in the middle of the connecting joint.

Only managed to get a blurry pic here >.<; but the idea is to aim for the middle where the plastic pig broke off.

Same on the other side, here is a picture taken after I have inserted the clipped off paperclip into the joint, forgot to take more in process pics.  It took a fair amount of effort to push the pin in, mostly because the plastic is polyethylene based and the hole closed up a little thus generated a lot of friction during the pin insertion.

And here is a result after pushing the wing in through the paperclip!  Looks like new again!  Well…. almost.

And thanks to my 2 lovely assistance Kurisu and Christina, Mecha Nurse Girl Nana is now fully restored!


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