Dolpa 29 Dollfie Dream Sister Alice Kuonji

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It is of no doubt in my mind that Volks will continue to work with Type-Moon to dollfify their IP and bring more licensed dollfie dream characters based on their popular visual novel.  This time is Alice Kuonji 久遠寺有珠 from Type Moon visual novel Mahōtsukai no Yoru 魔法使いの夜, the 2nd Dollfie Dream from the series after Aoko Aozaki.

Since I haven’t actually played the game yet, I cannot offer any background story like I usually did in the past, hopefully the translation team will get done with the game soon… Much like Aoko, Alice is dresses in full winter gear and that gives me the impression that the game takes places in winter.  To be honest, I am not sure what to feel about Alice, if Aoko was on the edge of my usual strike zone; then I will have to put Alice outside of it.  Perhaps I will change my mind once I see her in person (knowing that Volks could never capture the true beauty of their own dolls).

Alice’s head designer is Misaki, previous work includes Saber, Saber Lily, Sasara Kusugawa, Escalayer, Yuki Morikawa etc.  She will come equipped with a S bust Dollfie Dream Sister body and default gear.

Alice has this cat shape charm here, and I am sure it’s related to her magic somehow, which is to be released separately in the near future.

Though at minimum, I am somehow interested in Alice’s dress set, something I intend to pick up later on.

Like Aoko, Alice will have her own casual dress.  Once again, I think I am attracted more to the dress than Alice.

While Alice isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but based on the access statistic I have collected that, it seems that a lot of people are interested in Alice, perhaps due to her rather unique look and expression.

I think Volks made a mistake here by allowing the stand to show up behind Alice… though placing the stand behind the DD is a technique I frequently use myself.

This black turtleneck is probably going to stain like crazy but that has never stopped my from dressing my girls up in dark clothing.

Hopefully, I will be able to secure this dress set for my girls.

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