Dolpa 29 Sword Art Online Asuna Dollfie Dream

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Breaking news!  Just as HTDP Osaka 7 After Event drawn to a close, news of the upcoming limited Dollfie Dream for Dolpa 29 has already surfaced!  This time, it will be Asuna アスナ from the popular light novel, anime adaptation Sword Art Online!  As some of you might recall, Volks has already teased about Asuna Dollfie Dream last year during Dengeki 20th anniversary, it will only be a matter of time before her actual release and next dolpa seems just about right!

Updated with latest sharp scan image!  Asuna is looking good!

Priced at 69300 yen but that’s about all the information I have on hand for now.  I am already feeling lucky that I have planned to go to DP29 personally!

As of right now, it’s unclear if Asuna will be available for standard lottery or not, but it is clear that she will be available for pre-order onsite at DP29.  It’s also unclear if Asuna will come to Volks USA or not , but I will be sure to update when I get the latest information.

As usual, those of you who are new to this hobby may find it helpful to read up on my Where to buy a Dollfie Dream Guide.

Additional pictures are being released by DD blog today.

Dolpa 29 Sword Art Online Asuna Dollfie Dream

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