Home Town Dolpa Osaka 7 After Event

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It felt like it was just the other day when Volks held the Home Town Dolpa Osaka 7 in Japan, wait, it was just the other day… hahaha. In generally, there is usually a waiting period between the actual doll party and the after event; however due to the timing of the upcoming Dolpa 29 being scheduled at the end of April, Volks has little choice but to push everything through quickly.  As a result, the HTDP Osaka 7 After Event is scheduled for March 23, Japan time!

Volks will begin accepting lottery entries for limited items from March 23-25th and it looks like they will keep the sale format they came up with for DP28 after event, so some quantity of the limited items will be available for sale online at a specific time.

1. Submit your entry 2. Lottery results 3. Payment 4. Shipment
12:00 13:00 By 10:00 Ship items out in order
on March 23, 2013 on March 26, 2013 on March 28, 2013
(Japan time) * Please note that some items will be shipped on mid April.
10:00 20:00
on March 25, 2013 on March 26, 2013
(Japan time) (Japan time)

Other than the limited items, there are other noteworthy normal items this time as well, such as the new type J&K animetic eyes.

I think Type-K is my favorites so far

And a couple of these outfits are looking pretty awesome too, such as the Black Rider Set and Lace-Up top Set!


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