Impromptu Dollfie Dream Gallery Vol. 2

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Back in February, Cool Cat Accessories released a traditional Chinese costume Seremban for SD13; however, due to popular demand, they have decided to release the same costume for DD girls M and L bust as well.  Being a self-proclaimed Cool Cat fan such as myself, it was an instant decision and the order was placed!  Less than a month later, this beautiful dress has arrived at my doorstep on Friday night!  Most of my collection so far are largely composed of maid costumes, negligee inspired lingerie and Volks’ Tenshi-no-Sumika… and up until recently, I have never even had any cheongsam … but these traditional Chinese costumes, usually worn by daughters of wealthy family and princesses back in ancient China, are rarely seen these days so I decided to at least take a few photos and see how it looks on my girls.

The dress itself arrived in a flip top box with traditional Chinese painting on it.

The dress itself is nicely packed into this long rectangular box.  The head gear was packed in extra bubbles but I took that out it so it can be seen more clearly.

I had to think real hard to decide which of my girls should get the honor to try this new dress, and finally, a name that is so familiar was echoing through my mind.

Who could be better suited to wear this dress other than the angelic presence known as Yuki Morikawa?

and some closeup shots of the dress itself~

And a closeup on Yuki herself :3

And finally a little service shot XD and registered users will get an extra bonus photo XD

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