Wolfheinrich’s World 4th Anniversary

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It’s been quite some time since I started this blog and I am happy to announce that it has just successfully managed to pass its 4th birthday!  The past year has been an especially turbulent year, with my grandmother passing away, plus a few other things… and a sequence of events which attributed to the slow down in mid-year; but I have managed to move on since it serve absolutely no purpose to dwell on the past.  Having said that, there were at least a few highlights that are worthy to be mentioned here again…

Within the past year, this blog has a total of 116k visits from 78k unique visitors, total pageviews was 242k which is consistent with the result from last year.  About quarter of the traffic originated from USA, followed by Japan, Thailand, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Germany and Philippines make up the top 10!  There were a couple spikes along the timeline and most of them corresponds to new Dollfie Dream announcements.

Here is a better look at the world map~

And out of the 242k pageviews, majority of them still gravitate toward my eroge game related posts, same as last year.  However, I have noticed a few more dollfie dream related posts breaking into my top 10, a statistic I would like to improve going forward.  I reckon the result might have flared better if I had written a couple more eroge game related posts, but I just haven’t gotten enough time to write them, perhaps something I should consider this coming year.

Enough with the statistic, let’s go over some of the major milestones of the past 12 months here~

Dollfie Dream X Shining Blade

Supposedly a secret that was to be announced along with the PSP game Shining Blade, but a handful of game shops in Hong Kong jumped the gun and let their customer pick up their game a day ahead of Japan, thus creating a situation where I was able to deliver this breaking news ahead of 2ch… supposedly a few of them weren’t too pleased to find out how a gaijin somehow managed to get the latest info before the collective mind at 2ch.  One whole year later, we are in the same situation again, with Shining Ark due to release in March and DP29 in April, will history repeat itself again?

Type Moon X Dollfie Dream Fate/Extra Saber Nero And Saber Alter II Introduction

After nearly 6 months of waiting, the Type Moon 10th Anniversary X Dollfie Dream project had finally arrived!

Sehai Sentai Saber Rangers Introduction

Naturally, with all the Sabers gathered together, it would be criminal if I didn’t do a proper introduction for the newly formed Sehai Sentai Saber Rangers!

Shining Blade Dollfie Dream Sakuya’s Arrival

I am sure quite a few of you have heard me talking about this over and over again in the past few months, but I have got to say it again… I absolutely adore my DD サクヤ Sakuya, which combined the mastery from the famous illustrator Tony Taka and the high quality craftsmanship from Volks, resulting my most favorite Dollfie Dream to-date, along side with my lovely DD セイバー・リリィ Saber Lily who is not taking a backseat to サクヤ Sakuya, but rather on equal footing.  サクヤ Sakuya is perfect out of the box, nothing needed to be changed, in my humble opinion of course.

Dollfie Dream Lucy Maria Misora Introduction

While I have not been a particularly huge fan of Lucy in game before her Dollfie Dream announcement, but since I have always been on the lookout to find a classmate for Sasara and the two other Dollfie Dream Tamaki and Konomi do not meet the criteria to join my family so Lucy was definitely on the fast track for consideration.

Preparation for Hong Kong Trip

It has become sort of a tradition for me to print new sets of business card every year featuring various dollfie dream photos I have taken, it’s kind of fun to do that in a way to pick out my best work and have them printed out, it kind of give me a sense of accomplishment.

Xenosaga III X Dollfie Dream

Perhaps the most exciting Dollfie Dream news of the past year!  For the past couple of years, Volks has been pushing the Dollfie Dream web order project, first there was Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Dollfie Dream, then there was White Album Dollfie Dream Project, Touhou Project, and most recently the TYPE-MOON x Dollfie Dream Project.   It was only a matter of time before they announced the fifth project, in fact there was already some chatters in 2ch suggesting several possible options…  but today Volks has finally made the announcement on their 50th anniversary Volks News that they are indeed working on their fifth web order project!   Incoming Xenosaga III X Dollfie Dream!

Sword Art Online X Dollfie Dream Asuna

Latching onto the immense popularity of Sword Art Online, it appeared that Volks has wasted little time to launch their effort to introduce a prototype during the n Dengeki 20th anniversary 電撃20年祭!

Dollfie Dream III Shoulder Reinforcement Project

One of the biggest weakest of the newly developed Dollfie Dream III body is probably the prone to damage shoulder joint.  Fortunately, in this marketplace, if there is a strong enough demand, someone will become the supplier.  Cool Cat Accessories, offered perhaps the most inexpensive and elegant solution to the weakness of the DD III body by introducing their easy to use aluminum sleeves…

Photo Kano Dollfie Dream Haruka Nimii

It is perhaps PSP’s solution to Nintendo DS’s immensely popular Love Plus franchise, PhotoKano has received pretty good reception among gamers.  And as part of their promotional effort, the main heroine of the game Haruka Nimii has made the jump to become a Dollfie Dream even before any scaled figure release!

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Distant Worlds The Celebration


Over the years, I have always heard about the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert popping up here and there and while I have been a fan of the franchise for some time but I have never quite paid too much attention to the concert.  However, this past December marked the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the game, an occasion I suddenly feel like wanted to participate and since the concert itself was being held in Chicago this, which made it more reasons for me to attend.

My Best Christmas Present With Dollfie Dream Sakuya サクヤ

When Christmas time rolled around, one of my main task to select my favorite Dollfie Dream for a photo shoot to celebrate the holiday season and this year is no exception~  And my lovely サクヤ Sakuya is here to show us why she is the best!

My Top Ten Otaku Collection in 2012

As the year 2012 drew to a close, I thought it was a good idea to do a collection post to review some of the treasures I have acquired during the year!

Chinese New Year With Dollfie Dream

For Chinese New Year this time, the festive season for Chinese around the world, I was able to have both サクヤ and Lily dressed up in traditional cheongsam I bought in HKDP Dollism Plus 7 last year.  Initially, I wasn’t quite sure how they would fit into these since these cheongsam weren’t tailored for Dollfie Dream but I am quite happy with the result.

Shining Blade Maxima Sakuya Dollfie Dream Peach Pai Temptation V [NSFW] Valentine’s Day Edition

And last, but not least is of course the fifth installment of the popular Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ Temptation series, just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Thank you for for those of you who read all the way down here, thanks for all your visits and comments over the past year, I doubt I would be able to continue with this blog without all of you and I hope I will be able to further improve myself in the coming year!

Here is a little bonus photo :3 always aim for the service shot!


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