Home Town Dolpa Osaka 7 Volks USA Announcement

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We are within the 2 weeks window ahead of Home Town Dolpa Osaka 7 and it’s usually the time when Volks USA update their sites for the new limited dollfie dream lottery.  As expected, both Lucy Maria Misora from ToHeart 2 Dungeon Traveler Magical Princess ver. and After School Akihabara Girls Nanami will be available for Volks USA lottery.

Lottery entries will be accepted from Sunday, March 10th @11:00AM PST to Wednesday, March 13th @11:00AM PST.

Given the circumstances, it is highly likely that I will try to enter the lottery for the semi-white skin Lucy because I don’t really believe Lucy should have been a white skin to start with.. and I am a sucker for official character costume haha.

And on a completely unrelated note, I have already purchased plane tickets to attend the next Doll Party DP29 for end of April, my main goal is to just attend the event and vendor stalls and perhaps do a little sightseeing haha.

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