Volks Feburary Dress Collection 2013

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With Home Town Dolpa Osaka 7 still roughly a month away, you figure our wallet should be safe for the moment right?  The answer is No… absolutely and unequivocally NO!  The running joke is of course that “All your monies belong to Volks” XD  It seems as if Volks wanted to have some sort of event every month so they can earn every pocket change you have left over, and in some cases, lunch money!  Anyway, all jokes aside, there are a handful of items from La Personal collection and Tenshi-no-Sumika, so I am at least obligated to take a look at them.

The actual event will be held on Feb. 23, Japan time.

Both LPC Pink Pastry chef theme and LPC Black Bartender theme are rather intriguing offerings to be honest.

The design on the Cafe Mocha Maid sets are rather plain but they aren’t bad either.  Overall, I think I am pretty safe from this event but save for the cushion sets, which could prove to be useful some day perhaps?


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