Dollfie Dream Lucy Maria Misora Dungeon Traveler Magical Princess ver.

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Less than a week since Volks announced the limited Dollfie Dream for Home Town Dolpa Osaka 7, they have already updated their site to introduce the new girls!  As I mentioned in my last post, it’s quite unexpected to see Lucy being reissued here in Osaka 7 since she was released exactly a year ago along with Haruka Nimii at Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 9.  There are a couple things we can learn from this announcement, 1)Volks’ project planning is probably less than 1 year ahead into the future, 2)IIRC, Nemu, Alna, Moe, Natsuki, Saber Alter, Saber Extra, Lucy is the seventh reissued Dollfie Dream of the same character, 3)Volks is double down on the ToHeart 2 franchise, it’s only a matter of time before we see another ToHeart 2 dollfie dream being reissue. *hint* *hint* *wink* *wink* Valkyire Sasara please …. 4)Perhaps Volks is trying to make up the widespread quality issue with Lucy’s head crack from the last year?  Anyway, our focus here today is Lucy Maria Misora Magical Princess ver. from spin off game Dungeon Traveler!

I have always been a fan of official costume because it draw bigger connection to the character than anything else, so if anything else, I will at very minimum, do everything I can to acquire this Magical Princess costume for my Lucy.

Personally, I would probably prefer to have Lucy in this new semi-white skin than the white skin ver. I already have, so there is a high probability that I will bring the new Lucy in and let the existing one go.  Anyway, back on topic… Lucy’s head designer is still Misaki the only real difference here are the costume and skin color….

■DollfieDream®「ルーシー・マリア・ミソラ マジカルプリンセスVer.」

原型制作: みさきせりか(造形村)
ドレス製作 ボークス・ドール企画室
瞳 : アニメティックアイズ「ルーシー・マリア・ミソラ」オリジナル虹彩・メタリック・22mm
ウィッグ : 「ルーシー・マリア・ミソラ」オリジナルスタイル、DDサイズ仕様
ヘッド : 「ルーシー・マリア・ミソラ」オリジナルヘッド採用
ボディ : DDベースボディIII・セミホワイト肌、S胸採用
セット内容 : ドール本体、ウィッグ、髪留め(x2)、帽子、チョーカー、トップス、スカート、リボンベルト、腕飾り、手袋、ソックス、ソックス用リボン(左足用)、ガーター、ショーツ、傘、ブーツ
価格 : ¥59,000(税込 ¥61,950)



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