Dollfie Dream Sister Nanami Detail Specs

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It must have been over a year by now since Volks initially announced the character relationship map for their original Dollfie Dream characters After School Akihabara Girls, and we have been waiting for the official announcement for quite some time… but the wait is definitely worth it.  Nanami certainly do not disappoint!  Let’s take a closer look at the official photos from Volks.

As usual, anyone who is new to this hobby should read up on my Where to buy a Dollfie Dream Guide.

I was under the impression that Nanami would be a much younger character, my bad for not having paid attention and she really did surprised me a little.  It’s quite readily apparent that Nanami is Kosuke Kitahara’s handy work and traces of Natsuki can be found in Nanami’s face.

Dollfie Dream ® Sister ナナミ

  • 原型制作:北原康介(造形村)
  • ドレス製作:ボークス・ドール企画室
  • 瞳:アニメティックアイズ「Fタイプ・オリジナルカラー“るりこん”」メタリック・22mm
  • ウィッグ:「ナナミ」新型オリジナルスタイル、DDサイズ仕様
  • ヘッド:「ナナミ」オリジナルヘッド採用
  • ボディ:DDシスターベースボディ・ノーマル肌、M胸採用
  • セット内容:ドール本体、ウィッグ、ネックレス、ジャケット、Tシャツ、スカート、チェーン付きベルト、ニーハイソックス、ショーツ、リュックサック、スニーカー
  • 価格:¥55,000(税込¥57,750)

Nanami will come standard with Dollfie Dream Sister body, M bust and equipped with 22mm animetic eyes and is priced at 57750 yen.  The electric guitar will be sold separately.

I personally think Nanami looks pretty good, and most certainly leans toward the more energetic, playful archetype. I wonder if Nanami plays any parts of her school music club?

I think Volks did a good job presenting Nanami, in contrast to their usual performance….

We could certainly use a closer look at her face, but we all know that’s going to happen until someone get their hands on her for real.

A good job by Volks, the one thing that preventing me from going for her is the fact that she is not a licensed character and therefore isn’t enough background story to tie me to her.  Although I would certainly recommend her to anyone new to the hobby for sure.

Nanami also has her own school uniform~


  • モデル:DDS ナナミ
  • 対応:DDS(S/M胸のみ対応)、DD(S/M胸のみ対応)
  • セット内容:セーラートップス、リボン、スカート、ソックス、スニーカー
  • 価格:¥8,500(税込¥8,925)

And last but not least, Nanami’s electric guitar!


  • モデル:DDS ナナミ
  • セット内容:ギター、ショルダーストラップ、ギターケース
  • 価格:¥12,000(税込¥12,600)

Based on my understanding, other than being a limited item, Volks will also take pre-order for Nanami’s guitar on the event date, quantity will be limited.

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