Volks News Vol. 52

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This past weekend has been very busy, news wise… first we had announcement of the HTDP Osaka 7 Limited Dollfie Dream, then I had to work on my Chinese New Year photo shoot with my lovely Saber Lily and Maxima Sakuya マキシマ・サクヤ, and last but not least, Wonder Festival 2013 Winter was also held on this past weekend!  I was going to post the scans of the Volks News 52 sooner but with so many things going on at the same time, I just couldn’t juggle them all!  Anyway, let’s put our focus back on HTDP Osaka 7!  As I mentioned in my last post, the two new Dollfie Dream for Osaka 7 will be After School Akihabara Girls Natsuki’s younger sister Nanami and ToHeart 2 Dungeon Traveler Lucy Maria Misora Magical Princess ver.

I have to say, this is very much of a surprised move for Volks to reissue Lucy again so soon, but the take away from this announcement is not really Lucy herself, but the fact is that Volks is likely to reissue other Dungeon Traveler character, *cough* Sasara *cough* and a chance for us to see how semi-white skin looks like up close and personal.  Personally, I might as well be tempted to swap this Lucy out with my existing one and just sell my old Lucy head, so this remain a possibly for me.

Obviously, we can’t use the color we see here as reference as to how semi-white skin is going to look, this scan looks way too yellow in my opinion.  Lucy will be priced at 61950 yen and her head designer is unchanged – Misaki and she does come with a nice set of accessories so I expect the competition for her split will be fierce.

Along with Lucy is the reissue of the To Heart 2 school uniform for those of you who were unable to acquire them last time.

The second Dollfie Dream is the long overdue Natsuki’s younger sister Nanami, the sixth entries into the Volks original After School Akihabara Girls series.  On first glance, Nanami looks fairly appealing and she would be a good starting point for people who prefer to stay away from licensed character.

Since Kosuke Kitahara was responsible for Natsuki’s head, it’s not surprising to see him taking the helm for Nanami as well, they are sisters after all!  Nanami will come with a standard normal skin Dollfie Dream Sister body and will be priced at 57750.

Nanami also has her (assumed) junior high school uniform? The design looks pretty good imo

Nanami’s guitar will be sold separately as limited item and it looks like it will be available for pre-order on site as well.

And new dresses from Tenshi-no-Sumika

Not particularly flashy, but looks pretty good imo.

And while we are  at it, the February Dress Collection is also included in here.

How cute, DD sized cushions!

And new animetic eyes!  The K type will be interesting for sure!

And Volks is finally trying their hands on a full body suit?  I wonder how this will look?

And an interesting entry from the La Personal Collection, aiming for the SM Queen look?  I wonder…. (must get it for Sakuya >.<)

Please feel free to browse the rest of the set in my flickr~




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