Home Town Dolpa Osaka 7 Limited Dollfie Dream

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With less than a month to go before Home Town Dolpa Osaka 7, and in conjunction with the reopening of Kobe SR, Volks is going to display the two new limited Dollfie Dream as a promotional effort. The two new limited Dollfie Dream from HTDP Osaka 7 will be After School Akihabara girls Natsuki’s sister Nanami and ToHeart 2 Lucy Maria Misora Magical Princess ver. Semi white skin.  While it has been sort of a known fact that Nanami has been waiting on the wing for some time now; but for Lucy to make a 2nd appearance again so soon is sort of surprising.  However, it should be noted that the Magical Princess ver. is actually an alternate costume for Lucy in the ToHeart 2 Dungeon Traveler PSP game and that will certainly pave way for future Dungeon Traveler character such as Sasara and Tamaki *wink* *wink*

As usual, anyone who is new to this hobby should read up on my Where to buy a Dollfie Dream Guide.
Edit: add high res. scan.

It is definitely surprising to see a Lucy reissue so soon, but if that means it will pave ways for future Dungeon Traveler’s character, I certainly won’t complain!  Lucy’s new dress is interesting though, must find a way to acquire it somehow.  It should also be noted that Lucy will be the first to come with the newly developed semi-white body ahead of KOS-MOS ver. 4!  Lucy is priced at 61950 yen.

Along with Magical Princess version, all three of the ToHeart 2 school uniform will be available as limited items again!

The next one up will be the sixth entry into the Volks original After School Akihabara Girls, Natsuki’s younger sister Dollfie Dream Sister Nanami.  Nanami is priced at 57750 yen

So far, my first impression of Nanami is quite good, however I am not sure if I need another Akihabara girls…Though Nanami’s school uniform is definitely looking good to me!

Looks like Nanami’s guitar will be sold as limited item separately for 12600 yen





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