Impromptu Dollfie Dream Gallery Vol. 1

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It’s been quite some time since I have been able to gather my thoughts together to complete a formal dollfie dream photo shoot… so I have been thinking recently that perhaps I should relax my own requirements a little bit and do a few more impromptu shoot out, and the goal is just to share a few shots that I happen to take on any specific day with no back story or anything like I usually do (since time has become such a premium commodity these days and I just don’t have enough of it!)  Since a large shipment of new clothes arrived yesterday so I had to do some clean up today and while I am at it, why not put together a quick photo shoot for the newly arrived DDH-07 from Dollfie World?  Since DDH-07 is not tied to any specific character and shall be referred to as 07 chan henceforth, until one day I decide to assign her to specific character.  And since this is an impromptu gallery, I am allowed a little bit more freedom to just snap a few random photos and call it a day.  In any event, allow me to share a few photos of 07 chan today~

The past couple of standard prepainted head has turned out quite suitable for my style.  If anything else, 07 chan looks a bit like Beatrice to me and can easily step in should I require one

Since I have more freedom to construct her image this time so I decided to go with a Leeke MR-028 Goldenrod wig paired with the alternate eyes from Saber Extra

The dress here is actually one of my acquisition from HKDP Dollism Plus 7.  I am quite happy with 07 chan myself and perhaps she will be assigned to a specific character some day.  On the other hand, I have received words that my DD Aoko has already arrived in US and should be on her way to me within the week!  I am really looking forward to greeting her!

A few days ago, Volks DD blog has announced that one of the limited Dollfie Dream due to debut in HTDP Osaka 7 will make her first appearance on Feb. 9th at the newly opened Kobe SR, I can’t wait to see who is going to be next XD

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