Dolpa 28 After Event Limited Items Policy Change?

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When I first read about the policy change for the DP28 After Event, I wasn’t sure exactly what Volks had in mind, but it has become apparent to me today that Volks is taking some kind of measures to distribute their limited items from DP28 differently. The exact details are set to become available on Jan. 11th Japan time, so for those of us who are not fortunate enough to win any limited items from the lottery (and from my understanding, there are many), there might still be hope left for us?  Or is there?  Only time will tell.


Edit: New Schedule

So, based on what we know now, Volks has indeed changed around their limited item policy and it appears they will be released in stages as to relief the influx of web traffic.  There is no way to tell if this is going to work better than straight lottery but time will tell. If the changes in the web shopping cart last year is any indication of how this system will work, I am, at the very minimum, cautiously optimistic about this change.

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