My Top Ten Otaku Collection in 2012

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As the year 2012 rapidly drawing to a close, I want to take a moment to review 10 of my most treasured/memorable collection acquired in 2012.  In the past, I have always kept some kind of loot arrival post every so often but life has become such a hectic thing these days that I could hardly keep up with that any longer; though I do try to keep a record of them in Facebook/Tumblr for those of you who are interested.  In any event, allow me to get started with the countdown before the new year begin!

The 10th place – The One Ring to Rule All Dollfie Dream!

One of my more recent acquisition, it has been quite some time since I had gotten myself any Lego, but this time it was the one ring I am interested in.  If there is one thing I needed to show that my most beloved Sakuya is having absolute power over all that matters in my collection, the One Ring is decidedly the most suitable symbol!

The 9th place – Armor Girl Project Wingzero Custom Kai

The Armor Girl Project, originally announced back in late November of 2011, has been one of my most highly anticipated toy for some time.  I think I have said it in the past, that I have been a fan of MS Girls in general and I am particularly keen of 駒都えーじ E-ji Komatsu’s work, especially in the mecha girl area.  While Bandai didn’t have a particular good record of producing bishoujo figures, but I personally they pulled a win out of the Armor Girl Project!

The 8th place - Custom Printed Tony Taka Kotone Ousaka Duvet Cover [NSFW]

I think I have said it a lot of times already don’t think I will ever say it enough, I am a diehard Tony Taka fans, others might have criticize his work for lacking variation  but I find his style just right for me.   This illustration of Kotone Ousaka 桜坂琴音 here, probably one of his more iconic works in recent years made it into a 1/7 scaled figure by Native back in June of 2009.  It was a shame that there aren’t more official merchandise made for her!  Luckily, through a conversation in Twitter that somehow led me to this place that will do custom printing in large scale, my first reaction is obviously to fulfill my dream of having a 1:1 scale Kotone Ousaka with me day and night!

The 7th place – Dollfie Dream Saber Lily Custom Wallscroll

After personally verifying the printing quality of the 1:1 scale Kotone Ousaka duvet cover, it wasn’t long until I decide to turn my own Dollfie Dream photos into custom wallscroll!  What better way to start it off by making my own Saber Lily Dollfie Dream wallscroll?

The 6th place – Dollfie Dream Sakura Shinguji

As one of the few older generation otaku, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the birth and evolution of dating simulation game, and Sakura Taisen must counted as one of the pioneer of this genre, and the main heroine; Sakura Shinguji designed and illustrated by famous artist Kōsuke Fujishima has always been kept her place in my collection in the past 15 years.  It’s no secret that she is also one of my most desired Dollfie Dream of 2012.

The 5th place – Dollfie Dream Saber Nero

Making the fifth place is the variant of the original Saber Dollfie Dream from the spin off of the Fate/stay night universe, Fate/Extra PSP, Saber Nero.  Perhaps one of the most dramatic event regarding Dollfie Dream in recent years, right up to before the announcement of the Type Moon X Dollfie Dream collaboration project, the average prices of after market Dollfie Dream was nearing unsustainable levels.  The timely announcement of the collaboration project not only calm the price war, but it also mark the beginning of Volks bringing more visibility of future Dollfie Dream releases to us collectors, thus further reducing price volatilty!

The 4th place – Dollfie Dream Saber Alter II

Making the 4th place is also from the Type Moon X Dollfie Dream collaboration project, it is with Saber Alter II that Volks has finally brought equilibrium to the hyperinflation to the after market Dollfie Dream.  The once so elusive Saber Alter Dollfie Dream was finally accessible by many!

The 3rd place – Dollfie Dream Sister Miki Hoshii (tie)

I never knew much about iDOLM@STER before and I still don’t know enough about it (regrettably), but since Volks introduced the unibody torso, something I have got to see it for myself first hand.  As it turns out, Miki is quite charming indeed, on top of her unibody, thus putting her in the top 3 of my collection this year, actually tied with the 2nd place Haruka Nimii!

The 2nd place – Dollfie Dream Haruka Nimii (tie)

Enter the 2nd place (tied) is the main heroine of the PSP game PhotoKano, Haruka Nimii.  Haruka is one of your typical popular school idol archetype, great personality, smart, charming and good at sport.  In my opinion, Haruka’s face sculpt even surpassed her original design in game!  Based on the information we have now, a new version of the game PhotoKano Kiss is to be released in PS Vita in 2013 and I am also interested to see the anime adaptation that will be produced by Madhouse~

The 1st place Dollfie Dream Maxima Sakuya

It should be no rocket science at this point that Dollfie Dream サクヤ Sakuya is my absolute favorite in 2012, in Sakuya, Volks has successfully combined the mastery of Tony Taka and the best of what Dollfie Dream has to offer in one package, the best possible Dollfie Dream I could possibly ask for (yet).

And time is almost up!  Let’s welcome the arrival of 2013 together and the adventure it brings!

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