One Ring To Rule All Dollfie Dream?

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The other day, I was preparing to go to a Christmas party gathering at a local pinstripes and I was suppose to bring a piece of unwrapped toy to their “Toys for Tots” donation so I decided to head out to a Toys”R”Us during lunch break to get a box of Lego or something like that.  However, the chain of event have eventually lead to something rather “unexpected”.

As I walked through the isles, I noticed a whole variety of Lego including The Hobbit, most probably because of the promotional effort for the movie itself; as I have pretty much decided what I wanted to get for the donation, just before I decided to take off, something caught my eyes that could potentially fit my Dollfie Dream daughters…. The One Ring that is featured in this Riddles for the Ring set!  Having spent much of my childhood playing Lego myself I can’t help but think that if the One Ring is to fit over the top of a 1×1 brick, then the probability of it fitting on Dollfie Dream is extremely high!  Since the set really didn’t cost much and it’s the holiday so why not give it a shot?  So along with the other gift I picked up, I went to the register and paid for them.

Sure enough, as I opened the box, I know that it is going to turn out just fine~

And who else but my most beloved DD サクヤ Sakuya to put on that One Ring to Rule All Dollfie Dream?  haha

As luck would have it, I participated in the Booch tournament during the Christmas Party, a game I have never played before but I ended up winning all the matches and eventually secured a $100 USD gift certificate for Best Buy!  The One Ring is indeed powerful!

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