Xenosaga III X Dollfie Dream Official Photo Gallery

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For the past week or so, Volks DD Blog has slowly released the prototype photos of the upcoming Xenosaga III X Dollfie Dream Collaboration project.  And today they have finally updated their main site to include additional photos of KOS-MOS ver. 4 Dollfie Dream and M.O.M.O. Dollfie Dream Sister!

As usual, those of you who are new to this hobby may find it useful to read up my original Where to buy a Dollfie Dream Guide.

And those of you who are fan of the game should check out the Xenosaga HD Collection for PS3/360 Online Petition!  This isn’t just any online petition!!! We need all the support we can get.

I suppose a lot of people were caught surprised to see a Dollfie Dream with such a sculptured nose and full lips, as with anything else, it’s never possible to see the true beauty of a Dollfie Dream until you get one in your own hands; but with what I can see right now, I am confident that KOS-MOS will be a true ”bijin” (美人).  I have referenced many times within the past week that this is how KOS-MOS is suppose to look in game, but I wouldn’t oppose to see a possible alternate face that more inline with the rest of my Dollfie Dream either.

KOS-MOS with Dragon Tooth

Dual hand vulcan for double the fun?

KOS-MOS’ signature pose

Hilbert Effect mode

KOS-MOS with hand gun

But I suppose the biggest surprise this time goes to Amano Hakase’s handy work on M.O.M.O.  I have already mentioned before, I never liked Amano’s work; but his recent improvement on Sakura Shinguji has gave me reason to believe and I truly believe he pulled a win out of M.O.M.O. here!  Though it should be said here that both KOS-MOS and MOMO have lean towards more realistic sculpt here, and are both well executed.

That’s it for now, got to go to work so I can bring these beauties home!

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