Xenosaga HD Collection for PS3/Xbox 360 Petition

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With all the talk about Xenosaga III and KOS-MOS ver. 4 Dollfie Dream recently, I really want to replay the game myself; but what I want more than anything else (other than KOS-MOS and M.O.M.O. Dollfie Dream) right is the Xenosaga HD Collection for PS3/Xbox 360, please help spread the words by retweeting or sign the online petition at Namco/Bandai website, we need all the support we can get to make this happen!

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Responding to a comment on the PS Blog, community manager Morgan Haro reminded fans that publishers are responsible for deciding whether to bring a game to the PlayStation 3′s HD remaster line.

“Make your voice heard on the Namco Bandai forums to have the best possible chance to see this through,” he said, adding a word of caution:

“They’d need to sign off on it, but there are technical considerations as well (like will it work with the PS3 firmware to emulate this PS2 title).”

A couple of threads have already appeared on Namco Bandai’s forum.

Although it has a patchy history of localisation, the Japanese publisher has shown itself to be responsive to fan demands in the past, as when it agreed to fund a port of Dark Souls.

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This is it folks, those of us who would like to see Xenosaga Trilogy in HD glory should sign the petition in Namco/Bandai’s website.  It’s obvious that Namco/Bandai is keen on cashing in on their property, the KOS-MOS ver. 4 swimsuit figure by Alter and KOS-MOS ver. 4 Dollfie Dream being the most recent examples.  If we want to see this happen, this has got to be the right time to speak up!


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