Dolpa 28 Limited Dollfie Dream Announcement By Volks USA

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Ahem, still recovering from the excitement from that is the Xenosaga III X Dollfie Dream official photo release … and this time, it’s Volks USA’s turn for the exciting news.  We are in within the 2 weeks period from Dolpa 28 in Tokyo and it’s usually around this time when Volks USA update their site for new releases.  Thankfully, there appears to be no major issue for bringing Melty and Aoko over to the states and all limited items including Magical Angel Creamy Mami will be  available for USA lottery.

Applications will be accepted at Volks USA from December 16th to 19th at 11am PST!

and by the way, Volks USA is also nice enough to provide us with a close up image of Dollfie Dream Sister M.O.M.O.

I will have to say, Amano Hakase has really redeemed himself, first there is Sakura then now M.O.M.O. clearly he has been improving!

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