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It has been a while since I last report status of my Dollfie Dream family, life has been busy and I was lacking motivation to post new photos; but as Sakura Shinguji is due to arrive soon, I am finally got myself together to write this post!  Introducing Haruka Nimii 新見遥佳, the main heroine from the PSP game Photo Kano フォトカノ.  As usual, I went through my usual routine to find out more about Haruka, to make the long story short, the game itself was like a adventure/dating simulation game.  Haruka is one of your typical popular girl in class, good in academic and in sport.  The player is supposed to have known her since childhood but never had the courage to approach her.  Then the opportunity came after the summer vacation was over, Haruka approached you because she noticed the camera you had just gotten from your father as a gift.  And that’s how the story started~

But enough of the background story, let’s get down to introducing Haruka~

Haruka is the first Dollfie Dream Dynamite that utilize the type III skeleton, Volks USA is nice enough to include an instruction on how to handle her properly.

Here is a close up to Haruka’s face

Haruka has got a real charming face in my opinion.

Haruka posing with the camera~ looks like she is ready to take a few shots herself!

Oh, looks like Haruka is going to lead us to some place?

Looks like she wanted to have a banana snack ahaha XD

Oh my, Haruka does get feisty after having a banana, doesn’t she?

I really like how Haruka look, as a matter of fact, I have given her a double duty to cosplay as one of my other favorite character…

Seeing that Volks has probably got no plan for releasing a Kurisu Makise Dollfie Dream, I have got to take matter into my own hands to have Haruka cosplay as Kurisu!

It’s rather fortunate that Kurisu’s costume is rather easy to put together, all I had to do was to procure a lab coat from auction.

Here is Kurisu enjoying a can of her favorite Dr. Pepper~

And finally we have Kurisu with her Oopa~  That’s it for now for Haruka’s introduction, hopefully we get to see KOS-MOS’ sample images within the next couple of days!


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