Xenosaga III Dollfie Dream Pre-Order Schedule Update

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There has been a series of exciting activities in the ramp up to the Xenosaga III X Dollfie Dream project in the past couple of weeks, and  from the information that’s available so far, it looks like we are likely to see KOS-MOS and M.O.M.O. by the end of the month!  Today, Volks has updated their project page to include a better updated schedule for the pre-order period.

Pre-Order period will start on December 1st to the middle of January 2013… ok, the bad news is that we are not going to see KOS-MOS and M.O.M.O. until fall of 2013, but the good news is that we are not likely to be charged until the DDs are available for delivery either!  That could be a tremendously helpful for those of you who are in a tight budget~ On top of all that, each person can only order 1 of each limited dollfie dream, which is drastically different from the Type-Moon 10 anniversary x Dollfie Dream project, I guess they learned their lesson from allowing people to order multiple quantity at the same time, which has drastically delayed the completion of the project.

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