Dollfie Dream Aoko Aozaki Detail Specs

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There has always been a limited Dollfie Dream character based on one of the Type Moon’s visual novels for the past couple of years, and this year is no exception.  The other day, we had a chance to look at Dollfie Dream Sister Melty’s specification, today it’s 蒼崎青子 Aoko Aozaki’s turn!

Personally, I don’t know too much about Aoko as the visual novel was just released back in April this year and I am still waiting for subgroup to finish their work so I can start playing the game myself.  From my limited understanding, the magesin the Mahōtsukai no Yoru universe is at least as powerful as the Fate/stay night universe if not more.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Aoko’s head designer is Misaki, and traces of his handy work is rather obvious from the head sculpt.  Aoko will come standard with Type III normal skin L bust body along with her original wig and 24mm animetic eyes.

原型制作 : みさきせりか(造形村)
ドレス製作 : ボークス・ドール企画室
瞳 : アニメティックアイズ「蒼崎青子」オリジナル虹彩・メタリック・24mm
ウィッグ : 「蒼崎青子」新型オリジナルスタイル、DDサイズ仕様
ヘッド : 「蒼崎青子」オリジナルヘッド採用
ボディ : DDベースボディⅢ・ノーマル肌、L胸採用
セット内容 : ドール本体、ウィッグ、ダウンジャケット、トップス、
価格 : ¥54,000(税込 ¥56,700)

In additional to the standard package, Volks is also releasing Aoko’s school uniform

モデル : DD 蒼崎青子(L胸)
対応サイズ : DDS(M/L胸のみ対応)、DD(M/L胸のみ対応)
セット内容 : リボンタイ、ブレザー、ブラウス、スカート、ソックス、ローファー
価格 : ¥9,400(税込 ¥9,870)

Though, in my opinion, a pretty standard fare item.

Here is an interesting pose!  I might have one of my girls try that when I get home!

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