Azone International Accel World 1/6 Kuroyukihime Pureneemo

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For the past couple of years, my main focus has been concentrated the 1/3 scale doll figure manufactured by Volks, known as Dollfie Dream.  However, there are quite a few instances that even I feel rather tempted to venture outside of my core position and try something new!  It’s been quite some time since I decided to add new girls to my harem but I was truly excited when I came across Kuroyukihime 黑雪姬 from Accel World, while the anime itself hasn’t really gained widespread approval, but I was certainly intrigued by the main heroine Kuroyukihime.  Perhaps there has been too much focus on “moe” oriented characters in recent years resulting in a drought of “traditional” bishoujo characters, at least in my opinion that is.  There has been various merchandises like this Kuroyukihime PVC figure by Kotobukiya released based on her avatar form, and the one that caught my attention the most has got to be the 1/6 Kuroyukihime Pureneemo from Azone International.

I always thought the Pureneemo is interesting because they almost always did a good job on their releases, but until Kuroyukihime came along, there hasn’t been a character I really wanted.

Some of you might have gotten the impression that I am only interested in large breast girls; but in reality, there are other factors that could influence my judgement…

Someone as enticing as Kuroyukihime simply overcome all other deficiency, including her chest size!

And if there is one Pureneemo I got to have, it’s has got to be Kuroyukihim!


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