Dollfie Dream Sister Melty Detail Specs

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With just a little over a month away from the year end Dolpa 28, Volks has just updated their site to add Melty メルティ to their Shining Hearts homepage, so let’s take a look at the official promotional photos.  In general speaking, it’s almost always too early to tell the true quality of a Dollfie Dream until you get one in your hands; but from these photos I am fairly certain that I am going to be happy to take Melty home with me.

As usual, those of you who are new to the Dollfie Dream hobby might benefit from reading my original Dollfie Dream Beginner’s Guide.

    • ドールズ・パーティー28 限定発売
      Dollfie Dream® Sister「メルティ」
    • 価格:¥61,000(税込¥64,050)
    • 原型制作:みさきせりか(造形村)
    • ドレス製作:ボークス・ドール企画室
    • 瞳:アニメティックアイズ「メルティ」オリジナル虹彩・メタリック・24mm
    • ウィッグ:「メルティ」新型オリジナルスタイル、DDサイズ仕様
    • ヘッド:「メルティ」オリジナルヘッド採用
    • ボディ:DDSベースボディ・ノーマル肌、M胸、一体型ボディパーツ採用  セット内容:ドール本体、ウィッグ、帽子、ハートピアス、付け襟、ビスチェ、アームカバー、手袋、アンダースカート、ガーター、ショーツ、ソックス、サンダル、アイスクリーム型ワンド、ソルベエ、ソルベエ用アイス(ミルク)、ソルベエ用アイス(ソーダ)

As I mentioned before, Melty’s head designer is Misaki, previous work includes Saber, Saber Lily, Kusugawa Sasara, Morikawa Yuki etc.  Priced at 61000 yen before tax, Melty comes with her own original 24 mm animetic eyes, and wig.  In addition, Melty will also come with the new M bust uni-torso body design that was first introduced with the IDOLM@STER Dollfie Dream Sister.

Like I mentioned before, it’s more or less a surprise to see Melty, but I am not complaining.

Melty’s elf ears is certainly going to attract a lot of attention since she is the first one that has them.

One thing I am not sure is why did Volks have to use the uni-torso body for Melty?  Melty’s costume completely cover her waist so I am not really sure why they did it this time.

Obviously, Melty’s familiar Sorbe will also accompany her.

I am sure Airy chan and Neris chan will welcome the new addition with open arms!

When it comes to Melty, one simply cannot forget about sweets, so looks like I am going to have to stock up on them before I welcome her to the family!

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