Dollfie Dream Sister Melty Photo Gallery

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Yesterday, we looked at one of the two limited Dollfie Dream photo gallery for the upcoming Dolp 28, Aoko Aozaki.  Today, it’s Melty メルティ from Shining Hearts for the spot light.

To be honest here, it’s a bit of a surprise to see Melty pop out from nowhere, but since I am a big Tony Taka fan, I am quite happy to see more characters from the Shining universe turning into Dollfie Dream.  So for the past 2 years, including Melty, we have seen 2 characters from the Shining universe turning into dollfie dream.  May be we will see 2 more next year!  I can only hope the pattern hold truth XD

Melty didn’t play a very large part in the Shining Hearts anime but during the game, I have always kept her in my party as she was my main magic damage character.

Not a huge fan of the overly large hat myself, but I am taking a liking to Melty’s face :D  Very much like Misaki’s trademark style, which is fine by me.

Obviously Sorbe would accompany Melty as bous item of the set ~

In my opinion, Melty looks a bit more mature than her animated version, which is fine by me actually XD

The biggest surprise this time, is not only are we getting the third characters from the Shining Hearts (hey Volks, where is my Red Tea Princess Lufina??) has got to be the introduction of elven ears!  Just that factor alone is going to attract a lot of speculation.

Although elven or not, I am likely to pick up Melty anyway since Airy and Neris could certainly use more company!

That’s all we have for now, hopefully Volks will update their site to include more images soon.


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