Volks News Vol. 51

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With the limited Dollfie Dream announcement for the upcoming Dolpa 28 already underway yesterday, let’s take a look at Volks News vol. 51 today!

As usual, those of you who are new to the Dollfie Dream hobby might benefit from reading my original Dollfie Dream Beginner’s Guide.

Aoko Aozaki, the main heroine from the Type Moon visual novel Mahōtsukai no Yoru, officially subtitled as Witch of the Holy Night.  Personally, I feel Aoko looks a lot like DDH-07, but that’s just me.  Otherwise, she has a nice wig, dress set and everything I look for in a comprehensive Dollfie Dream package.

I have to say that I am moderately disappointed that Aoko didn’t come with the alternate blue dress and wig that was shown in the Type Moon 10th anniversary promotion.  Otherwise, Aoko would have been a must get from that alone!

But instead, we get the alternate school uniform… not that I am complaining…

The real surprise here has got to be DDS Melty, though probably not in the same degree as Creamy Mami SDGr!

Personally, I think Misaki did a good job executing Melty’s image.

Most importantly though, Melty is the first of “Elf Type” Dollfie Dream, which I am sure it’s a welcome addition for many… not to mention that I am still secretly hoping for an Altina Dollfie Dream!  Now that Volks has set the precedence for elvan dollfie dream, we can only hope there will be more in the future.

Along side with the limited Dollfie Dream for Dolpa 28 are some promotional pictures for the upcoming Xenosaga III X Dollfie Dream Web Order Project.  As I have mentioned previously, Volks USA will not be able to offer KOS-MOS in US, most likely due to licensing agreement  I have explained in my last blog post.  Nevertheless, Volks International will be to bypass this restriction and offer KOS-MOS worldwide.

As for the rest of the available items for Dolpa 28, feel free to check out my flickr album!

DP2801DP2802DP2803DP2804DP2805DP2806DP2807DP2808DP2809DP2810DP2811DP2812DP2813DP2814DP2815DP2816DP2817DP2818DP2819DP2820DP2821DP2822DP2823DP2824DP2825DP2826DP2827DP2828Xenosaga III Dollfie Dream KOS-MOS Ver. 4Xenosaga III Dollfie Dream KOS-MOS Ver. 4




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