Dolpa 28 Limited Dollfie Dream Aoko Aozaki and Dollfie Dream Sister Melty

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As promised, news of the new limited Dollfie Dream scheduled to make their debut in Dolpa 28 are now out in the wild!  The first entry, as expected, is the previously announced Aoko Aozaki 蒼崎青子 from the Type Moon visual novel Mahōtsukai no Yoru x Dollfie Dream collaboration during the Type Moon 10th anniversary event.  For the 2nd entries, while I had previous anticipated Natsuki’s sister Nanami to make the cut, but looks like that was replaced by someone who can pack more punch!  Incoming the third entries from the Shining Hearts series, DDS Melty メルティ!  From the information available thus far, looks like Misaki handled the head designs for both Aoko and Melty, previous work includes include Saber, Saber Lily, Sasara Kusugawa, Yuki Morikawa, etc.



As usual, those of you who are new to the Dollfie Dream hobby might benefit from reading my original Dollfie Dream Beginner’s Guide.

Based on available information, Aoko will come equipped with L bust body.

Alternate uniform for Aoko.

The real surprise entry for DP28 has got to Melty from Shining Hearts!  If Volks follows the exact specification for Melty, who has a pair of pointy/fairy type ears, that could be the first of many fairy type Dollfie Dream to come!

Edited: It’s official, Melty will have elf ears!

Based on the information available now, Melty will also use the uni-torso body that was used in the IDOLM@STER Dollfie Dream.

More to come as information becomes available.








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