1/3 Fate/Zero Saber Motored Cuirassier replica by Valkyrie Gate

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Ahead of the DP28 limited Dollfie Dream announcement, the good folks from Valkyire Gate has brought us additional things to consider as Christmas presents for our lovely Dollfie Dream daughters.  Incoming 1/3 Fate/Zero Saber Motored Cuirassier replica!  The bike itself is made out of a combination of fiber glass and resin and the quantity will be limited to 35 worldwide~

Our hand made sculpture project, “1/3 Motorcycle Collection 1″ now release.
Inspiration from Saber Motored Cuirassier.
All re-new hand made sculpt.
It perfect suit for Dollfie dream (DD) and 1/3 BJD such as SD13 and more.

Price : $465 USD [Pre-order]
35 quantity limited edition to worldwide.

Include : 1/3 Motorcycle Collection 1 – full painting.
Specs and Option :
It is base on realistic design, Made from 45 pieces of component and already assembled.
The wheel can be spin and turn to left or right.
It have a tail light using 3 of AA batteries. Can be switch ON and OFF for the light.
Material : Combination from fiber-glass and resin. Acrylic with air-blush painting, Coating with Semi-gloss and UV-cut.
Product Size : H 42cm x W 32cm x L 92cm (1/3 scale)
Weight : About 7 Kg
Product Weight: : About 7.5 Kg
Est. Shipping Weight (Include box and shockproof): About 11 Kg
Manufactured by: Valkyrie Gate

It is 35 quantity worldwide limited edition and hand made product.
It’s pre-order, it would be take 30-45 days after confirm payment.

Oversea shipping is available.
Shipping cost and Paypal fee will be add.

Contact : order@valkyriegate.com

I have to say I am rather impressed with preview pictures so far, a few months ago when Fate/Zero was on air, I had actually considered getting a pocket bike for my DD girls; but a pocket bike wouldn’t be nearly as cool as this 1/3 Fate/Zero Saber Motored Cuirassier replica that’s scaled specifically for Dollfie Dream and SD13!  It took me a while before I could decide to get it, but since my other girls (KOS-MOS comes to mind) are likely going to look good with the bike, the rest was easy decision!

And by the way, Valkyire Gate is also going to release a Saber in a suit dress set~

Here are some addition images that have been provided to me by Valkyire Gate Staffs.


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