November New Dress Collection 2012

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As the end of the year closing in, Volks is also getting ready to squeeze every pennies out of our wallet.  As a matter of fact, I have just gotten the email from Volks the other day confirming the shipment for my DD Gathering 2012 order, news of the upcoming November New Dress Collection has already surfaced.  Most notable absence from the lineup is lack of any Tenshi no Sumika entries, seemed like most of the November collection are geared for Super Dollfie.  On the other note, with Dolpa 28 scheduled for December 16th, we are most likely going to see the limited Dollfie Dream within the week as VS/VIP members are scheduled to receive their Volks News on November 2nd.  Based on the information available thus far, I am expecting another After School Akihabara Girls entry, Natsuki’s sister Nanami and Aoko Aozaki from Mahōtsukai no Yoru.

Let’s take a look at the November collection.

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