Xenosaga III KOS-MOS & MOMO Dollfie Dream Detail Specs

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Volks has updated their Xenosaga III X Dollfie Dream project page to give us more details on their 5th web order project.  The head designer for Dollfie Dream KOS-MOS ver. 4 will be Kosuke Kitahara, previous work includes Rina Ogata, Kiriha Kuze, Beatrice, Moe/Natsuki, etc.

Once again, those of you who are new to this Dollfie Dream hobby might benefit from reading my original Where to buy a Dollfie Dream guide.

KOS-MOS will also come with 20mm animetic eyes, L bust body but most notably, her skin tone will be slightly different, quite possibly a mixture between white skin and normal skin; just how exactly it is we will have to wait and see.

MOMO, on the other hand, will be designed by Amanohakasei…. the only head designer that I do not have very fond experience with.  Regardless of the head designer, Momo will come equipped with her own 22mm animetic eyes, DDS M bust body as expected.

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