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When I was focusing my effort on Dollfie Dream Gathering yesterday, there was another major story developing in Dengeki 20th anniversary 電撃20年祭 …. apparently, Volks has been secretly developing yet another new Dollfie Dream image, this time for the ultra popular heroine Asuna アスナ who basically dominated Comiket 82 with a vast array of doujin based on her story in Sword Art Online!  I have to admit that I am quite attracted to the series myself as the premise of the story is very engaging for me since I did spend a good number of years playing FFXI myself so I can somewhat relate to it.

No picture is available at this point, but based on the information I have thus far, this story should be pretty reliable.  In the mean time, allow me to share a couple images of my new favorite bishoujo – soon to be DD daughter!  While this announcement has certainly caught me off guard (but welcomed!), this certainly follow my earlier comments about Volks becoming increasingly transparent about their future releases.

Edit: A prototype photo is now available in the wild!

Edit: A lot of people suggested the current prototype image is using DDH-06 as placeholder and from my stand point, the wig alone suggested the current prototype is not the final article.

Source: http://ameblo.jp/1394-1995/entry-11385219980.html

Once again, those of you who are new to this Dollfie Dream hobby might benefit from reading my original Where to buy a Dollfie Dream guide.

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