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The past couple of weeks has been tough, there has been a total lack of time for me to updating this blog… but rest assured, when there is exciting dollfie dream news, I will always be here to report them!  Along with the total shocking announcement of Xenosaga III x Dollfie Dream, is Volks News 50, which covers the September Dress Collection and the upcoming Dollfie Dream Gathering in October.  I am still in the midst of preparing one of the most important interviews in my career so I am only going to mention a few highlights this time.

Source: Dollfie World

Updated images: http://ameblo.jp/tt-01r/entry-11350175237.html

Along with Volks News 50, is the web order exclusive prepainted version DDH-05 and DDH-06!

It’s been a long time since the standard Dollfie Dream starter doll lineup has gotten a refresh, 3 news characters Miko (based on the ultra popular DDH-06 prepainted version), Mayu (DDH-04) and Rena will join the existing Aoi and Yukino as the standard package.

Representing the traditional bishoujo quality, Miko is definitely my favorite here.

Updated high res scans are are available at my flickr


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