Xenosaga III X Dollfie Dream

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Breaking news!  For the past couple of years, Volks has been pushing the Dollfie Dream web order project, first there was Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Dollfie Dream, then there was White Album Dollfie Dream Project, Touhou Project, and most recently the TYPE-MOON x Dollfie Dream Project.   It was only a matter of time before they announced the fifth project, in fact there was already some chatters in 2ch suggesting several possible options…  but today Volks has finally made the announcement on their 50th anniversary Volks News that they are indeed working on their fifth web order project!   Incoming Xenosaga III X Dollfie Dream!  No specific character is announced at this point, but it’s probably a safe bet to say it will most likely be KOS-MOS ver. 4 and probably T-elos?  Honestly, Volks has been hitting all the right notes for me for the past couple of month, first they announced Sakura Shinguji dollfie dream and now Xenosaga III?  This is just perfect as I have always been a die hard KOS-MOS fan, I was very sad that the game itself never quite reached its full potential and the developer monolith soft had to bring an abrupt end to the story by ending it with chapter III Also sprach Zarathustra.  With the story basically end and with no sequel in sight, there was little hope to see more KOS-MOS related merchandise; but this announcement changed all of that!  A possible KOS-MOS Dollfie Dream is just what I needed in my family of Dollfie Dream….. Xenosaga series might have ended, but KOS-MOS will live on as my next Dollfie Dream daughter!


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