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The past couple of weeks has kind of flew by so quickly that I have hardly gotten the chance to update this blog due to the fact that I was busy in making the next move for my professional career.  During this time, the first ever doll party in the earthquake and tsunami devastated Tohoku region was held in Sendai, the birthplace of the frictional character Sakura Shinguji from Sakura Taisen.  Much has been discussed about the initial announcement that Dollfie Dream Sakura Shinguji was only going to be available at the event, since many of us living oversea and those who are living in Japan but just cannot make it to the event would have no chance to acquire Sakura directly from Volks.  Eventually, much to the fans’ delight, that decision was overturned prior to the event.  In addition, since the two iDOLM@STER Dollfie Dream Miki Hoshii and Haruka Amami were unavailable in Volks USA, the after event lottery become the only way to acquire the newly developed one piece torso body directly from Volks at this time.


1. Submit your entry 2. Lottery results 3. Payment 4. Shipment
17:00 on August 17 By 18:00 By 12:00 Ship items out in order
on August 21 on August 24
10:00 on August 21 (Japan time) (Japan time)
(Japan time)

Volks will continue to accept lottery application for all of the available limited item until Aug. 21st 10am Japan time.

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